Access form for large-scale projects

Principal Investigator
Other key investigators in the project (up to 5)
Key Investigator #1
Key Investigator #2
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Description of the project
  • Number and description of the samples (patients/families, tumor/control, affected/unaffected, treated/non-treated, groups and time points, biological replicates if any,…).
  • Sequencing application (Exome-Seq, WG-Seq, RNA-Seq, Single Cell RNA-Seq…)
  • Sequencing depth per sample (Gb, coverage and million reads)
agrees to be the principal investigator of the submitted project, as it is described in the present application, and confirms that:
  • The samples were obtained with the corresponding approval of the Bioethics Committee and signed "informed consent from each donor, both for collection and for their use, including conservation and manipulation/sequencing by entities such as CNAG-CRG.
  • The "informed consent" allows that anonimyzed samples and sequencing data and results are included in CNAG-CRG's internal databases and distributed in secure controlled Access databases such as the European Genome-phenome Archive (EGA) and RD-Connect.
  • The applicant commits to deposit the samples in one of the biobanks from the EuroBioBank network if the Project is awarded.